From time to time computers fail due to problems with hardware or software. We can fix either.

Whether it is a Hard Drive, Floppy, CD or DVD drive failing or a complete breakdown of the power supply or motherboard we can diagnose and fix it quickly and economically.

Software failures are more common that a physical failure of your system. We can repair problems with all versions of Microsoft's Windows-based systems and help you prevent a recurrence of the problem. In the event of a complete system failure we can provide data recover facilities to get that essential data from failed drives.

  •     Repairs carried out at your premises or our workshop
  •     Fast response
  •     Swift repairs - a wide range of spares carried in stock

We can upgrade modern systems for you. We'll also offer honest advice about the improvements you're likely to receive before you spend your money.

  •     Replace or supplement a small, slow hard drive with a faster, unit with significantly greater capacity
  •     Transfer your system installation from the old drive to a new one swiftly and painlessly
  •     Increase memory and graphic card for increased performance

Virus & Trojan Protection and Removal

The first viruses written to infect computers were relatively simple bits of code that annoyed and occasionally inconvenienced users.

With the advent of mass email and the explosion in the use of the Web the threat posed by some of these infections is very serious. Nowadays they are most frequently transmitted by email or malicious Websites. At best they are inconvenient, at worst they can put you out of business.

Effective virus protection is as essential for every business as reliable data backup. If you are in any doubt about virus protection on your PC or network, or think it may be infected, contact us NOW

Select Systems has broad experience of implementing protective measures for business and business users:

  •     Virus protection - the removal of email-borne threats
  •     Browser Hijack protection - prevent your system from being taken over by website-based threats
  •     Regular scans - to check your system and alert you to infection
  •     Hardware firewalls - protect your PC or network from threats posed by your Internet connection

If you are unlucky enough to have had your system infected you may find that your antivirus and AntiSpyware software cannot resolve the problem.

Select Systems has long experience of removing viruses, trojans and spyware; even the really intractable offenders. We can usually get systems back up and running quickly without having to reload everything.

Data Recovery

In the event of a virus or trojan infection or hardware failure disabling your system your first concern will be for the irreplaceable data stored on it. If you don't have a backup of the information don't panic! We can usually recover data even from drives that have been physically damaged.

PC Repair