IT Services

Buying a new PC or other equipment is only part of the job!

A new system needs to be configured and installed. It must then be loaded with all the software you require along with anti virus and anti spyware tools which must all be set up securely. It then needs to be connected to your network or the internet.

Select Systems can carry this work out for you and, if required, document your systems to make future work easier, especially in an emergency.

  • Firewall configuration - keep outsiders on the outside!
  • Set up staff preferences and import existing data
  • Check that all necessary programs have been installed
  • Configure a data backup system and make sure it works!

Systems need maintaining too. From mechanical servicing such as removing dust from cooling fans and cleaning mice and keboards to keeping Windows installations running sweetly and staff healthy.

Network Services and Enhancements

Modern businesses rely on connections between their systems and the outside world. This has brought a new range of security and performance issues to the fore, especially with many of the 'Cloud' solutions being heavily promoted.

These can be very effective for urban businesses with fast data connections but what implications are there for rural businesses. How heavily does your business rely on your internet connection? What would you do if it failed? How do you minimise the disruption this would cause? We can offer assistance with these and other aspects of the way your business depends on Information Technology Systems.

  • Network cabling problems? We provide a range of network technologies
  • Network or broadband speed problems? We carry a range of test equipment
  • Network planning and links to other offices? Ask about VNC
  • Need to get broadband in an building with no phone line? Ask about long-range Wireless Links
  • Security concerns? We offer a range of Network Cameras

We work Flexibly with you

  • Business too small to employ an IT manager? - we provide management and maintenance   facilities for many companies throughout the Cotswolds
  • Part of a larger enterprise with corporate IT policies? - we work with a number of companies to provide local implementation of national policies
  • Don't like paying for maintenance contracts? - no problem, we operate on an hourly basis for the services you need
  • Need a regular presence onsite? No problem - and we offer discounts too
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